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  • Why Are Mouthguards Important in Sports?

    20 Sep 2017 | 0 Comments

    At Arbutante Dental, our goal is to make sure that our patients’ teeth stay strong and healthy. Now, this doesn’t mean that our help begins and ends when you’re receiving dental treatments at our Spring Lake, MI dentist’s office – we want to give you all the tools and tips necessary so that you can keep your teeth healthy at all times. One way we commit to this belief is by providing our patients with custom mouthguards. If you’re going to play any sports, mouthguards are a near necessity and we’d like to take this time to explain why they’re so important.

  • Custom Mouthguard Giveaway

    19 Jul 2017 | 0 Comments

    At Arbutante Dental, our number one goal is helping our patients in Grand Haven and Spring Lake, MI achieve and also maintain healthy smiles. We’re proud to provide effective dental treatments and cleanings in order to help you achieve your healthy smile. When it comes to maintaining a healthy smile though, it’s going to require a little extra care on your part. Not to worry though – as your trusted Spring Lake, MI dentistry providers, we’re more than happy to assist you in doing so in any way we can. In fact, we’d like to take this time to tell you about a special offer of ours that’s certain to help you maintain your healthy smile!

  • Choosing a Dentist for Your Child

    23 May 2017 | 0 Comments

    We at Arbutante Dental strive to be your choice when you’re looking for a family dentist in or around Spring Lake, MI. Through our wide array of efficient dental treatments and preventive care, we aim to give your child a healthy smile that will last for a lifetime. However, when it comes to finding a pediatric dentist, that’s not the only important thing to look for. As your trusted Spring Lake, MI family dentist, we’d like to point out a few of the other traits and attributes that you should consider when you’re choosing a pediatric dentist for your child.

  • April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month

    20 Mar 2017 | 0 Comments

    As April is quickly approaching, we at Arbutante Dental want to let our patients know that it’s Oral Cancer Awareness Month. Oral cancer is one of the deadlier diseases; it actually kills more people nationwide than those afflicted by cervical cancer or skin cancer. In fact, only half of the people who are diagnosed with oral cancer will even still be alive in five years. Because this is such a dangerous disease, we encourage you to always come in for your regular check-ups so that we can examine you for oral cancer.

  • Dr. Arbutante Donates to Love in Action of the TriCities

    27 Jan 2017 | 0 Comments

  • Dr. Arbutante’s Check-In with a Cause

    18 Nov 2016 | 0 Comments

    As the holiday season comes into full swing and family and friends begin to gather and give praise and thanks, it reminds us that there is much to be grateful for. When the temperature begins to get colder, remember to make your hearts warmer this holiday season by participating in philanthropic causes. At Dr. Joe Arbutante’s dental office in Spring Lake, MI, we making it easy for patients to give back to the community through our charitable program, Check-In with a Cause.

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  • Join Us in Observing Oral Cancer Awareness Month This April

    15 Apr 2016 | 0 Comments

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