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Laughing Gas to Assist With Dental Anxiety

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Joe D. Arbutante strives to be the leader when it comes to dentistry in the Spring Lake and Muskegon, MI areas. One of the reasons why we’re considered a leader in the dental industry is because of our commitment to patient comfort and satisfaction. We want all our patients to know that we always put them first and foremost to make sure that that their time with us is a pleasant and stress-free experience. One of the ways we ease our patients’ fears is through our usage of nitrous oxide.

What Is Nitrous Oxide?

Nitrous oxide is a colorless gas with a slightly sweet odor that has been used in medicine for about a century. It’s a safe and effective way to administer conscious sedation. When nitrous oxide is used along with local anesthetic, you won’t feel pain or anxiety. In fact, most patients report feeling a state of well-being during this type of sedation. All bodily functions will remain normal during this process and its effects will wear off shortly after.

How Is Nitrous Oxide Administered?

Nitrous Oxide.Nitrous oxide is inhaled through a small mask that fits comfortably over your nose. The gas is mixed with oxygen as it’s being delivered; both are always kept at a level that’s completely safe for the body. Just a few minutes after the process begins, you may start to experience a floating sensation and possibly some tingling of the hands and feet. This isn’t anything to worry about though. This is normal and just a sign that the nitrous oxide is working. Once we can verify that you’re calm and comfortable, we can begin the dental procedure.
Nitrous oxide isn’t a substitute for a local anesthetic; it’s actually an anxiolytic, which means that it makes anxiety disappear. For some procedures, you may still need an anesthetic injection. However, the nitrous oxide will guarantee that you won’t worry or mind. You won’t be asleep during the procedure. You’ll be aware, you’ll be able to speak, and you’ll be in complete control.
When the procedure is over, the nitrous oxide flow is reduced to zero and the oxygen may be increased. After a few minutes of resting in the chair, you’ll be completely aware and able to resume normal activities. There is very little ‘hangover’ effect afterward.

Who May Benefit From Nitrous Oxide?

Nitrous oxide is perfect for those whose anxiety would otherwise keep them out of the dental chair. Before the treatment begins, we’ll take your complete medical history, including your usage of both prescription and nonprescription medications. There are a few instances where nitrous oxide may not be right for you. These are:

  • If you’re pregnant
  • If you have COPD or another pulmonary disease
  • If you are taking certain drugs

If you believe that you or a family member may benefit from nitrous oxide and a more stress-free experience, please talk to us about this possibility.

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